i am not chong
i have no cheech beside me
my hair is long

and so you deride me

i've been told i look like chong at least twice a month for
the last twenty-five years. most times it doesn't bother
me because it's the price i pay for the choice i made.
i think it's funny when it comes out of a teeny-bopper who wasn't
even alive then...
anyway, i have a theory.
i saw a show on Discovery channel one day where they masked
the eyes on photos of famous people.
when the subjects were shown the masked pics they were still
able to identify the celebs. the conclusion was
thatfacial recognition is about more than just the eyes.
that the brain processes a lot of other information.

my theory is that with all this hair, and a beard and
glasses we all look alike at a glance. and american
prejudice brings to mind either tommy chong or jerry garcia.
that is my theory